Hello World! [updated]

kitten from placekitten.com After leaving this domain free for way too long time, I decided to start using it as a kind of digital notebook. I hope I will be able to update this site regulary with more or less useful stuff.

How is it done?

This page is written with emacs and gets generated by the static page generator hyde which is written in python. I didn’t want to use classical dynamic blog/website setup of PHP/MySQL with something like WordPress for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to try something new
  2. I prefer python
  3. No need for permanent security updates in WordPress
  4. Static websites need much lesser resources
  5. I can edit the pages in emacs with markdown syntax

Because all the sources of this site are text files and pictures I can easily track the content with git and use it to keep the online and the offline version in sync.


For getting fast started I just used the standart template from the most recent git version of hyde. I like it quite a bit and I changed just a few css rules and got rid of the facebook button.

The plan is to make my own design sooner or later or evolve this design till I’m happy with it.

So let’s see where the journey goes…

[ update ]

I just enabled DISQUS a JavaScript base comment system which integrates with a lot of messaging systems like twitter, etc.

Until now I didn’t even had to update the CSS and DISQUS integrated anyway pretty nicely.

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